Employees of the Month for July 2023

Brandon W.

"I have enjoyed the last 8 years at Buchanan, the fast-paced, competitive style of work is something that keeps me coming back every day. Being around a great team really helps." Brandon W. - Senior Account Manager

Donald U.

"I would like to thank Walt F. and BJ R. for suggesting we move our trucks over to Buchanan in 2010. Everyone has been so nice and helpful to our agency. I've been driving for over 50 yrs and still love doing it. I load with a guy one time in Iowa while in my 30's and I knew he was older and doing everything as good as I was. He was 69 yrs old. I'd like to think I'm like that guy. I can still do this work and do it safely. I appreciate this honor..." Donald U. - Driver

David T.

David T. - Driver