Logistics Update - March 2018


Like the rest of Buchanan, our Logistics Division is moving forward with substantial growth. We are putting our focus on more efficiently combining transportation opportunities with resources through talented people, technology and refined processes.

We are putting a major push on our recruiting/hiring process. Jamie Buchanan has done an excellent job of refining our process in hopes of attracting talent. We have goals to grow each of our locations and are confident that we will be able to accomplish our objectives.

In April, we promoted Michael Rivas to our Operations Manager. Michael will be working with our Team Leaders to push more freight “out the door.” We also promoted Landon Feichter to a Team Leader position in Indianapolis, which is a major point of emphasis for future growth. Landon is excited to get a team that he can work with and develop.

Overall, we expect great things in Logistics for the rest of 2019 and 2020.