September 2018 Update from Geary & Becky Buchanan


Summer is winding down, fall will be in full swing this month, time to watch the World Series, College Football and root for my Chicago Bears. This is my favorite time of year-- I like the cooler days, farmers harvesting their crops, apple cider and s'mores. Fall is also a great time to fly a small plane, weather is usually cooperative with clear sky’s and a lack of thunderstorm activity. Late Summer and fall is also Hurricane season, our offices in the Southeast and Gulf Coast regions know all to well how these acts of nature can cause millions of dollars in destruction and loss of life.

The Indianapolis office has our driver finishing school up and running. Mike Hayner is in charge of managing a driver trainer to train inexperienced drivers up to our standards. Our goal for 2018 is to fully develop 20 new drivers for BHRI, we are accepting drivers with a clean driving record but who lack the experience. Our industry is in need of several thousand drivers, this is our attempt to help bridge this gap. If you know of any drivers with a valid CDL who lack the experience to qualify as a driver, please reach out to Mike and see if he can fit them into our finishing school. Our goal for 2019 is to add another trainer and double our efforts to turn out 40 new drivers in Indianapolis, and also add a trainer for our Houston operation and put 20 drivers thru that program. This program is very important to the sustainability of our industry.

We are also restarting our Cargo Securement Academy in Indianapolis. We hope to have it up and fully operational by December 1, 2018. We will re-certify our open deck drivers, add a training module for our Heavy Haul Group, and also train drivers with no open deck experience who may want to switch from van operation to open deck. We are also searching for pictures of loads for our Company blog, pictures of our trucks trailers in unique places, possibly in the mountains with a sunset, possibly with a back ground of some large buildings, etc. Any time you stop take a couple minutes and snap a picture of your truck trailer and forward it to Jamie Buchanan for her to add to the blog. Her email is

Our business continues to grow, we have openings in many departments, please contact Brian and HR to discuss these opportunities. There are opportunities in Operations, Logistics, Sales, Drivers and Technicians. There are also opportunities for continuing education thru our membership in SCRA, there are Grants available for more training in all aspects of our Industry. Transportation is and always has been the back bone of our nation’s economy, we make the wheels of commerce turn effectively!

Please remember to drive safely, share the road, and enjoy life. Spend time with those you love and be Thankful for all our Blessings.

May God Bless -- 

Geary & Becky