May 2018 Update from Geary & Becky Buchanan

I hope you all are enjoying the Spring weather, for those of us in the upper Midwest it was a long winter and a cold wet Spring. Our showers did bring out the May flowers which made for a bright Mother’s Day! There are several changes within the Company, Dan Rutherford has become our Director of Logistics, John Flick has joined us our CFO and Rick Burton has joined us a Director of Finance. We need to continue to attract, recruit and add quality employees and drivers, operations or logistics. We are rolling out a recruitment bonus for present employees to recruit others to our company. Jamie will be sending out details within the week.

We are also in the process of putting together a Strategic Plan for the remainder of 2018 and moving into 2019. This plan will contain many improvements and metrics which will help us all grow efficiently and profitably. Buchanan as a company has entered another phase where the way we used to function will not work going forward. Hopefully, we will be rolling this out in mid-July to early August. Stay tuned for more details.

Hope all of you are ready to take a nice summer vacation with family and friends, remember to leave early, stop for plenty of rest breaks and travel safe. We all work in Transportation, so we are aware of the added traffic and congestion in the summer months. Take a few extra minutes to drive extra cautious for your sake and the sake of those around you. Baseball season is heading into prime time. Being that I am old fashioned and still think Baseball is our national pastime, I would think we all need to attend a game this summer. Our company has many location’s, and some are located close to good teams. We have Houston with the Astros, Pittsburgh with the Pirates, Orlando is close to the Tampa Bay Rays, and here in Fort Wayne, we have the Single A Tin Caps, but a beautiful park. We also have several drivers and employees in Valparaiso office who are either fans of the Cubs or White Sox. In the near future we will be asking many of you for suggestions as to which dates will work the best, we will try to do a Saturday to accommodate as many drivers and families as possible. There is something special about peanuts, cracker jack and hot dog with mustard at the ball game. June we will focus on Recruiting Drivers. We all must put special effort to recruit safe, quality drivers to join our existing fleet. While we have a cash bonus for each of you to recruit a driver, we are going to have a June Contest for who recruits the most drivers. Whoever recruits the most drivers will receive a 4 day, all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for 2 people. All expenses will be hotel, food, air travel, and 2 shows of your choice, this Does Not include gambling money. We will run this contest thru the month of June, Recruiting will send out details on Monday. Let’s all get on board and make this a fun contest, let’s see who can spend 4 days in Vegas!

Again, thank you for your hard work and contribution to our Company. You make it happen, day in and day out. Without our loyal, hardworking drivers, dispatchers, safety, admin, shop, recruiting and managers, none of this would be possible. Drive Safe, enjoy your family and friends May God bless you and your family-- Geary & Becky Buchanan